Dress for Success, Not to Impress

Say Yes to School Uniforms!

Today I want to talk about school uniforms. I use to attend a private school and believe if public schools had students wear uniforms, more students would focus in class. School uniforms are appropriate and necessary because it’s like dressing up for work. For example, if a lawyer came to work in a tank top and shorts, he or she would look unprofessional. It’s the same for students; they should dress for success, not to impress.

Look good, feel good

Schools must enforce the school uniforms policy because incidents of bullying will decrease, parents will save money, and gang activities will stop. There was a young boy that use to get bullied for his body weight, but his mom mentioned that after trying school uniforms, it changed her son’s life. She said, “Before uniforms, we did have a lot of problems with bullying and he wasn’t happy,” “But since the uniforms, he’s night and day” (“Bullying Cases”).

Let’s put an end to bullying and have students wear uniforms. What better way to start drop bullying rates than adopting the uniform policy? A significant drop of crime rates of 91% in schools, sex offences reduced by 96%, and assaults in grades K-8 decreased by 85% (“Statics”). Compared to students from schools that don’t make students wear uniforms, students in schools that do make students wear uniforms are less likely to commit crimes based on the fine results over the years.

Uniforms help parents save money, lots of money. Back to school clothes cost more than $300, while uniforms only cost $150 for a year. Five tops and five bottoms are included when uniforms are bought (“School Uniforms”). A family can save up $150 or more per year with the uniform system. With the excess money, one can  save up for the future or buy food.

Some say that wearing uniforms limit the freedom of expressions of students. People express themselves through many different ways.

That certainly can’t be true because these girls are showing way too much sass even with the uniforms on.

It won’t hurt to adopt school uniforms, but instead only benefits will come out from doing it!


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