Blogging Summary

The Beginning

I use to think that there would never be a day where I would start my own blog to share my thoughts with the world, but I was wrong. Because of my English class this year, I was able to experience something different, something new.


I wouldn’t necessarily say I enjoyed blogging much because I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like to share opinions and thoughts, not to mention publicizing them. I did however really liked getting to know most of my classmates through this. I greatly valued the opportunity to connect with classmates as well as other online bloggers more through mutual interests and I got the chance to pick up on unique things while reading different works.

Things That Worked

Blogging about fun things such as animals was fun and gained a lot of views at the same time. Writing about something almost everybody has an interest in, food, was also one of the more popular posts. What didn’t work well for me was writing about personal struggles that I thought everyone related to. I guess it didn’t catch the attention of others because there was nothing new. Nothing really can be learned through those posts, so naturally, I tried to avoid using those topics again. My featured images really showed to be powerful and lots of readers took interest in them. More than words, pictures will better attract a person’s attention. Promoting my blog posts on social media using twitter brought in viewers as well. The ultimate outcome is fun and recent topics, pictures, and social media worked for me.

Lessons Learned

One of the main things I got out of blogging was formatting. Every single element in a blog post makes all the difference. The size of pictures, the quality of pictures, the choice of words, and most importantly, the title are the basics to creating a quality blog post. The title has to lure the readers in and somehow catch the readers’ attention. Pictures should be clear and properly aligned. Links being included are also extremely helpful to viewers as well. Another thing I learned from blogging was identifying keywords. Tagging my blog posts as well as categorizing them can help me later on in future English classes to spot out main words that will make the main ideas more clear and easy to identify.

Tips & Advices

For future bloggers out there, I would just like to say that if you were to run out of ideas, take a walk or go eat something and come back later after your mind is clear. Anything around you can inspire you if you just took your time. Write about what you’re passionate about or what you enjoy. Don’t make the same mistake I did and lazily write up a blog post just for the sake of getting it done when it could’ve turned out much better if time and effort was put in.

Until Next Time

If I ever decide to continue with blogging, I would just change one thing: topics. So far there wasn’t really a topic I talked about that I was truly passionate it. Some topics were fun to write about such as food and animals, but something was missing. There wasn’t much to cover on those topics so I hope to choose more interesting topics to blog about next time!


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