Simmer Down

Back then (in primary school) when things were much easier, I was way more happy and stress free. Instead of planning out my future meticulously now, I should really just take it easy and do what I think is right. Some may say that they’re already trying to balance sleep and work, so they don’t have time to do fun things. Doing something you like shouldn’t take up that much time. Even if it’s reading out of your favorite book a day for ten minutes, it’s still something that’s good. When relaxed, people actually do better in school and sports.

Relax, don’t stress over the whole mess.

Even Squidward (the most serious character in Spongebob) has fun.

Everybody complains, but there’s a limit to how much a person should complain. Take my mom for example; she always bugs me about studying, cleaning, and exercising. I know it’s for my own good, but I get the point. She doesn’t need to say the same things over and over again. I too complain about lots of things so I get where my mom is coming from. I  listen to people around me complain all the time about their grades, work load, and lack of sleep. We all just need to clear our minds and focus on the positive things.

Pressure build up is no ok and can lead to health problems in the future. Sleep for at least 9 hours a day so that there’s no need to reply on Starbucks in the morning. While you still can, take a moment and relax. Do some things that you enjoy. Be prepared for the future, but live in the present as well. Life is short, that’s why we need to take time to appreciate more things around us.

Everybody needs to go with the flow and just have fun.

Where did your childhood go?

When was the last time you played leap frog?

When was the last time you played tag?

When was the last time you built a fortress out of pillows at home?

Ask yourself, when was the last time you really had fun?

Take it slow and enjoy life. Go with the flow.~~~~~~


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