When spring break comes..

Summer is on its way! These are some great ideas of things to do and eat during any kind of break. Yes, spring break was over long ago, but summer is near so why not try these suggestions out. I’ve always constantly struggled with ideas and things to do when I had free time, but thankfully this post saved me a ton of time. Now I will no longer have to hesitate to make plans on where to go or what to do when going out. Even if you aren’t much of an outside person, tip number seven in this blog post talks about some of the fun things that you can do at home. There is also some content on how to make healthy smoothies at home in this post. I highly encourage reading this fantastic blog post because of its simple and unique ideas! If you liked Leanne’s post, go check out her other post about things to do at the beach!


I remember when I was little I used to do absolutely nothing during spring break. It really wasn’t a big deal to me. I would just stay home the whole week, one year I don’t think I even went out except to go to church. I was just happy to be home, but at the time I wouldn’t have minded going to school anyways. But I loved spring break because it was the last break before the summer and summer is the best.

Spring break, most of us have the whole week off. A week of absolute free time. Well, unless your teacher decides to assign you homework to do. But if so, homework shouldn’t be stopping you from doing some of these activities. Remember to manage your time carefully and don’t leave your work to finish last minute. Divide your homework amongst the days throughout the week. Maybe set…

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