Odd One Out ☹

I tend to group jump a lot, and no I’m not a “homie hopper”, but I like interacting with different kinds of people. I’ve been doing this for a pretty long time now because I don’t like to depend on one person or group to spend time with. Group jumping has it’s pros and cons, but one of the bad reasons about doing it is because I’m not really close to anyone. Sometimes Often, I feel out of place.

Even when I feel comfortable talking in a group for once, subgroups start to form and everyone has something to talk about, except me of course. Do you every get that feeling where you feel like you should contribute or get involved in a conversation even though you’re not sure what they’re talking about because if you stay silent, you’ll start to feel awkward? That happens to me a lot, but I’m the type that stays silent and accepts the awkwardness.

There are some people that try to include everyone in, but it doesn’t always work out. .I guess I make myself feel awkward in those kinds of situations. Most of the time when I try to make a joke, no one understands me and it’s just… really awkward. Either I make really complicated and lame jokes, or it’s too complex for anyone but myself to understand.

When no one laughs at your joke…

When you awkwardly try to follow along a conversation…

What makes the conversation worse is when the group you were “talking” with moves to a different location and you’re just like…

What you should do when you feel left out:

Bring or buy food, LOTS of food with you at all times. Food can solve a lot of everyday problems; what’s cool is you can eat those problems away. You can pretend you’re too engrossed in eating to talk or better yet, you can’t talk anyway because your mouth is full. If you choose to share food, which I rarely do, you can get others to eat and talk with you. Problem solved.

OR you can just…………………………………… go with the flow.

Inspired by https://gemsaretrulyoutrageous.wordpress.com/2014/10/22/subgroups-in-a-group-of-friends/


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