Peanuts Don’t Grow on Trees

I’m curious about a lot of things and where certain things came from is one of those curiosities. I was to a couple friends recently and one of them randomly posted a picture of where nuts come from. Before that, my teacher also presented about the process of getting a walnut.That is how I was inspired to write about where things come from in this week’s blog post. I really never had second thoughts on where peanuts, cashew, almonds, etc. originated until now.

Where peanuts come from:

Do they grow underground? Do they grow on trees? Where do peanuts come from? They grow underground!

How cashews grow:

This was one of the videos I found that’s high quality where you could see what a cashew fruit looks like. Cashews can be seen hanging at the bottom of the fruit in the video below.

How almonds are harvested:

Almonds also come from trees in a fruit form. The almond fruit is really bitter and has to be cracked open like walnuts before it can be retrieved.

You can learn how to GROW an almond tree by watching the video below.

How cinnamon is made:

Now that I think about it, I figured cinnamon is just a nut that was crushed until it turned into powder. In actuality, that is not where we get cinnamon; it actually comes from the bark of certain trees.


The creation of Jello:

Believe it or not, these colorful blocks of fruity goo come from a protein called collagen which can be found in pig skin (or human skin).

How it’s processed:

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been curious about where all these things came from for a long time, but just never really wanted to know enough to look them up. If something bothers you, do something about it. Like how my curiosity of where all these things nuts and stuff came from urged me to go look them up, if you’re interested in knowing something, look it up or ask someone!


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