Operation Crayate

Volunteer Work

I’ve been gone for too long without blogging. I recently participated and volunteered for an event held by Footprints Behavioral Interventions to do exciting activities along kids with autism. Although not as many kids showed up as anticipated (due to another very popular event held that day), everything turned out for the better. Around 15 kids total showed up and some other random kids joined us as well and with the amount of volunteers present, we were able to shift our full attention to one or two kids instead of multiple. Check out more pictures and details regarding our event!

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The activities held were mostly arts and crafts, but bouncy balls and bubbles were brought as well. There was also a playground present in the park where the event was held. Some of the arts and craft stations included drawing and painting, crayon shaving art (where I was assigned), and making necklaces or bracelets out of beads. Extra artsy stuff was set up as well such as stickers and “Bendaroos”.

List of activities/stations:

  • drawing & painting
  • bubbles
  • bouncy balls
  • playground
  • crayon shavings
  • beads (make your own necklace/bracelet)
  • coloring books
  • Bendaroos
  • chalk
  • jump ropes
  • frisbees
  • FOOD! (water and snacks were provided)


11414801_967522676612028_2107087373_n11304552_967522913278671_621463628_n 11289854_967522826612013_1515933075_n11276091_967522819945347_824453639_n

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Problems & Solutions

All the activities listed above were great and all, but the problem was, almost all of the kids who participated in the play-day were uninterested in the arts. It was most likely too complicated for them to do. It was really hard for me to capture the attention of one of the kids I worked with, but she smiled throughout the day, so it was ok that she didn’t pay attention to me. What did work was the bubbles and the balls. Many of them also played on the playground as well. The activity that my group set up (crayon shavings) was unpopular with the kids at first, but later most of the volunteers came over and made their own masterpieces. Other kids from the park also joined in on the fun!

11303635_967522733278689_1034523686_n 11355383_967522776612018_1828867115_n 11289751_967522726612023_389003385_n 11124061_967522769945352_531035373_n 11328800_967522656612030_1004581088_n 11303651_967522579945371_96660541_n 11281889_967522556612040_1161949806_n (1) 11251651_967522599945369_1888158509_n


The preparations took a LOT of time. There was a lot of preparing to do because different shades of crayon shavings were needed. Before the shaving was the peeling. Honestly speaking I hated peeling the crayon wrappers of the crayons because I would always end up with crayon bits stuck in my nails. The crayons were first shaved using either scissors, graters, or knives and placed in a ziploc bag. The shavings would then be crushed and pounded on to create sand-like textures. My hands were cramped from shaving too many crayons.Markers, crayons, tissue paper, and pens were brought to the play-day just in case the shavings ran out. Glue was used to combine with the shavings and popsicle sticks were needed to scoop the mixture onto cardboard canvases.

11273767_967551006609195_747453060_n 11324078_967551003275862_149900506_n 11414762_967550996609196_2076788349_n 11421619_967550999942529_490524092_n 11311023_967551009942528_897491509_n 11287334_967551016609194_780401838_n 11420040_967551019942527_1881962291_n 11351504_967522919945337_1645059717_n 11355541_967522873278675_1539729485_n 11119824_967522866612009_567709876_n


One of my partners got the idea of crayon shavings art from Qubo, a popular channel on tv. It turned out better than expected, but also much more work was done than anticipated.

11291789_967522856612010_1074998427_n (1) 11291861_967522606612035_834359462_n 11281874_967522849945344_1766534925_n 11291767_967522616612034_1420081493_n 11281718_967522603278702_883465841_n 11272312_967522553278707_872027635_n 11267142_967522659945363_246332384_n 11304138_967522593278703_1703126913_n 11313189_967522619945367_1148137136_n 11350206_967522573278705_770763192_n 11099732_967522766612019_298725809_n 11358704_967522669945362_542475189_n


This was a great experience! It brought me back to memories of when I attended my first Key club event. All of this made me really think about the things people do to better the world. It was fun being able to share time playing with kids and learning how to behave around them as well as meet new people. I would definitely volunteer for this type of work again, but next time I will be even better prepared by bringing in alternative activities.



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