Awkward Situations

1) Bumping into your parents after getting yelled at.

Normally it happens to me in the morning when I walk downstairs to get ready for school and my parents just casually say, “Hey Jess.” I just stand there awkwardly, not knowing how to approach them.

2) Going out to eat and not having enough money.

This happened to me once at a restaurant. I somehow miscalculated my meal and ended up owing $0.04. FOUR CENTS!!

3) Needing to sneeze/cough during a test or silent reading time.

It sucks to get a nose itch during class.

4) Waving back to a person you think is waving to you, but is really not.

5) When no one thinks your joke is funny…

Laughing at your own jokes is kind of sad. I guess some people just weren’t meant to be punny.

6) Being put in a group with a person you don’t like.

Talk about awkward! I hate it when my teacher assigns partners or groups. The awkwardness can be felt when needing to communicate and collaborate, but no one says or does anything.

7) On the way to school and realizing you’re in your flip flops.

It would be so embarrassing to walk to school wearing bright pink flip flops with socks. Thank god the only time this happened to me was in middle school and not high school. I had to somehow persuade my mom, without getting her mad, to turn back to my house so I can grab my shoes.

8) Singing your part of the song at the wrong time.

Due to being nervous, or excited, some people (me) start to blurt out their lines when the other person isn’t done singing there part yet. I remember a time when I was dragged in from of the class to sing a song, but I was anxious and wanted to get it over with, so I just quickly said my lines, but my partner was not done singing yet.

9) Saying hi to the wrong person.

Imagine going up to tap someone on the shoulder, but they turn out to be someone you don’t know.

10) Sending an embarrassing text to the wrong person.

Those mini heart attacks you get when you send a text to the wrong person and you start immediately praying, hoping that something can prevent it from sending.


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