To Avoid Doing Homework

Things I’d Rather Do

I often just sit and stare at my pile of homework for a really long time before I pick up a pencil. For some odd reason, I would even do the things that I dislike doing whenever lots of homework is given. I would clean, snack, and exercise. Sometimes I would stare at my wall for 20 minutes to avoid working. I would basically do anything but homework. I remember one of my friends saying, “Due tomorrow equals do tomorrow.” Since then, I have been following those not so wise words.

“Due tomorrow equals do tomorrow.”

What is it about homework that makes us so reluctant to do it?

For me it’s the thinking part. For others it’s the work. I’m sure a lot of people could relate to having “[ten or more] pages of teeny tiny font on a huge paper” to read or homework for one subject “which amount[s] to approximately two hours of concentration.”

After a long day of learning in school, participating in club activities, and practicing sports, no one would really feel like getting anything done. Sleep>grades…… just kidding do NOT follow that.

I can celebrate as of today because I’m off for a week due to Spring Break! Thank the heavens because I could really use this time to focus on rebuilding the good habits and actually sleep.

Lack of motivation also plays a big part on why I refuse to do or finish my homework until literally the last minute. Some people do it because they are forced by their parents to complete everything. Others do it because they enjoy finishing homework. Yes, some people like doing homework.

I try to persuade and convince myself to get up and study or do my assignments, but I guess it cannot be helped. I always end up with an excuse not to do homework. With the mentality of things like “Oh it’s already late, I need to sleep” or “I could just do it in the morning” does not help at all. I need to overcome this bad habit of doing nothing and wasting time soon. Hopefully I will face this problem of mine head on starting now.


One thought on “To Avoid Doing Homework

  1. Reblogged this on leaannlalove and commented:
    I’m sure this is a lot of the things most teenagers in life do. I can actually really relate to this blog post written by Jessica. I know for me I’m really bad at time management. I procrastinate all the time and push everything to the last minute and I don’t really realize how much it is. I tell myself that i can finish this tomorrow since it isn’t due. I think another factor that adds onto our laziness is just the fact that teachers give out way too much work. I don’t think some teachers realize that there are other teachers giving that same load of hw and it adds on, creating a big huge mess of homework. It’s hard to keep up with it all. We as students spend around 7 hours at school learning, to go home with about 30 minutes to an hour of homework from each class and sometimes more. Just counting academic classes thats a minimum of around 3 hours and in between that kids have sports, food, shower, and other extracurriculars. There is literally no time to relax. This is why students lose sleep… They shouldn’t have to be losing sleep. I think that’s why some schools have block schedule which lightens the load a whole lot.


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