Should I finish this blog post or no?????

Well it turns out that I decided to finish this blog post. I was deciding on whether or not I should finish this because my there was nothing on the top of my head so I couldn’t really write about anything. Now, after a long time, I have come back to this post and decided to write as much as I can before I decide to be unproductive again. It’s really hard for me to make up my mind. Decisions decisions, I never know what to do. I can never choose between vanilla or chocolate. I can’t choose between cats or dogs. I can’t pick one drink from Starbucks. The struggle is very real.

I struggle with planning events because I do not know who to invite. My birthday is coming up in a few days and I am struggling with who to invite. I wish I could just invite everyone so that no feelings would be but I could only choose 20 people to go. However, the people I have in mind add up to more than that number. There are people I want to invite that the other people I want to invite are not comfortable with. I just mainly don’t want to let anyone feel left out if they are not invited.

Like I mentioned before, I also have a hard time deciding on what to order when I go out to eat. There are so many good things on the menu and I’m afraid that if I try something new I won’t like it, you feel? I wish I had the money to purchase everything. I also wish I could eat as much as I want without getting a santa belly. Often I struggle with eating something healthy or something not so healthy as well.

There are two reasons to why I can’t decide on whether or not to do blog posts. One, I do not like other people reading my writing because it basically lets others know what my thoughts are. Most of the time, I don’t feel comfortable sharing them. I’m afraid of getting judged although I’m pretty sure everyone gets judged for something. I like to keep things to myself. I might write about some things, but I wouldn’t post it online for the public to see. Another reason why I can’t make up my mind on writing blogs is because I have no ideas. It’s hard to force ideas out of my head. Even with the many topics to touch up on out there, I tend be repetitive when not writing about something that I did not come up with myself.

I’m glad I finished this blog post so that I have one less thing to worry about. OR you can say I have one less problem without it. ((((:


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