Don’t Take Away the Magic

On an early St. Patrick’s Day morning back in elementary school, I walked around with some of my buddies and we explored classrooms. We were hunting for leprechauns and four leaf clovers. We came to a stop at classroom because I noticed a green hand print on a classroom window. In actuality, the hand print was the size of an adult’s, but we were all super excited and decided it was a sign that a leprechaun was hiding somewhere inside. Placing our hands on top of our brows, we peered inside the room. There was a scream beside me; startled at the sudden noise, we all leapt back. “I SAW A BUNNY WITH BIG RED EYES AND IT’S HOPPING FROM DESK TO DESK!” yelled my friend. Again, we scoped the area inside, this time looking for a bunny. Before we could really see anything, the janitor passed by and told us to disperse into the playground area. We tried to explain the whole situation, but that did not work. Day after day, we came by looking for the bunny, asking  even the teacher in charge of that classroom, but there was no luck. None of us learned what had happened in the end, but we had lots of fun going around looking for leprechauns and “evil” bunnies.

Things That Used to Be Believed In

1) Tooth Fairy

Whenever a tooth came loose, it was to be tucked safely away under my pillow. The following morning, I would lift my pillow up and there’d somehow magically be money there.

2) Santa Claus

I wrote to Santa every Christmas consistently telling him how good I’ve been and why he should get me the presents I wanted.

3) Unicorns

I somehow came to a conclusion that the ponies in “My Little Pony” were unicorns.

4) Leprechauns

The first things I would look for on St. Patrick’s Day were a four leaf clovers and rainbows. I’ve asked my parents numerous of times to drive me to the end of rainbows, but they would always refuse.

5) Easter Bunny

My grandma and I used to “collect” eggs scattered outside in the yard to dye them light pastel colors on most  Easters. We probably were not suppose to collect first then dye, but nevertheless I had a blast.

Never EVER tell your children or nieces or nephews or any child that all of these wonderful mythical beings or creatures don’t exist. You will ruin their childhood by limiting their imagination and creativity. No one wants to grow up not having any fun.


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