Group Projects

The Cons of Group Work

Whenever a group project is assigned, I immediately start to pray I get to work with productive people. I’m not asking for the smartest people to work with, just hardworking people. To be honest there are times when everyone contributes to a project, but most of the time it’s one person doing all the work. That one person is most likely me. They say two heads is better than one. That’s not always the case.

  • Someone can get left out if people are allowed to choose your members and there’s a limit to how many people can work together.
  • If your teacher selects who will work together, it could be uncomfortable if there’s someone you don’t like in there.
  • Work might not get done if you’re with friends and all they do is mess around.
  • Headaches often occur from making decisions with people who all have different perspectives.

When everyone is done choosing groups…

When they mess around when they’re suppose to be working…

Blaming someone for the final outcome or bad grade…

Planning out everyone’s schedule…

Dealing with lame excuses…

Trying your best to come to an agreement with everyone…

You know it’s serious when you rub them temples.

Bonus: Types of People in Groups

1) The one that always arrives late:

Sometimes being late is fine under certain circumstances, but being late ALL the time is unacceptable.

2) The one kid that does nothing:

Sure we have days where we just want to do nothing, but for a group project, everyone gets a group grade. That means the grade everyone else gets depends on your effort as well.

3) The one that makes up excuses:

Please, just do your part of the share.

4) The complainer:

Instead of complaining all the time, how about getting to work?

5) The care free one:

Just one word is need. “Whatever.”

I admit to being all of those above, but only sometimes. The best way to make everyone happy is by cooperating with each other to get things done.


Do you prefer to work individually or in groups?
Definitely groups
It’s just me, myself, and I
neither, I hate working
none of the above

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