7 Interesting Animals Facts You Didn’t Know

The More You Know…

1) Hedgehogs are illegal as pets in some states.

African pygmy hedgehogs are illegal to be kept as pets in Arizona, California, Georgia, Hawaii, Maine, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C. and the five boroughs of New York City. Why are they illegal? Apparently hedgehogs can “wreak havoc on local ecosystems if they get out” (Koren). Anyone would think these little creatures would do no harm because they’re adorable. You can read more about why they are illegal if you click on the link above.

2) Giraffes make sounds.

Normally when it comes to the sounds animals make, people would think oink, woof, meow, moo, cluck, etc… but when it comes to giraffes, we don’t know. They are not mute, giraffes make this sound. (=

3) Koalas can flap their ears.

When annoyed or agitated, koalas will flap their ears. They also do it while nursing. Isn’t that cute? Make sure to see the full video of a koala getting tickled for a good laugh!

4) Guinea Pigs have fancy hair.

Guinea pig hair can range from long straight hair to very curly hair. Some even have natural “bed” hair. Sky’s the limit for the amount of ways their “hair” can be styled! (: The many different breeds of guinea pigs are very interesting.

5) Kiwi birds have useless wings.

Few people know that Kiwi birds have wings (I recently learned so myself). Their wings are too small to give them the ability to fly and can’t be used as arms either. Make sure  not to do any harm to Kiwi birds because they’re on the verge of extinction!

6) Dumbo exists!

To be more specific, Dumbo Octopuses exists. Did I disappoint you? Hopefully not because this octopus is just as cool! Named after the popular Disney character, this creature uses its ear-like fins to make way in the ocean. They can grow to be around eight inches in length and do not contain ink sacs. O:

7) Pigs and bunnies are cannibals.

Who would have thought these adorable balls of fluff would eat their own kind? There are many more animals that you never thought were cannibals out there.


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