Swimming in the Rain

Three winters ago I went to Vegas with a friend of mine and we stayed at the hotel Mandalay Bay. One of the things we did there that was memorable was swimming while it was raining. It didn’t pour, but it was more of a sprinkle of a light drizzle, Although it was winter, Vegas was pretty humid in the afternoon. Of course we weren’t crazy enough to swim at night because when it was nighttime in Vegas, it was always freezing. We had to wear so many layers at night as compared to the morning or afternoon.

We looked like eskimos in Alaska.


For those of you that think you will get sick swimming in the rain, you most likely won’t! This blog post will explain everything if it’s hard to believe that swimming in the rain can increase your chances of getting sick. We weren’t the only ones that went swimming, many people also went out to the hotel pool. It was a really fun experience and I highly recommend swimming in the rain. I’m not sure why it felt more fun to swim in the rain, but I think it was because it was something new. Someday I want to try swimming at the beach while it’s raining.

One of the pools at Mandalay Bay (Lazy River)


The most relaxing part about swimming in the rain is lying down in the water and looking up at the sky while gently swaying from side to side. I let go of all my thoughts and just went where the water took me. After we finished swimming, we headed back to the hotel and my parents brought us hot chocolate. We ended up having a movie marathon and it was great. The warm and cozy feeling was too great for me to describe, so you should go out and experience it for yourself and decide. (:

Swimming in the rain…

Next time if it’s a rainy day, and you’re super bored, swimming would be a great option, trust me. If you have a heated pool, even better!

Even if it rains…..


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