Last Minute Everything

Procrastinating to Cancel

Don’t you hate it when you make plans with your buddies and are ready to go, and they decide to cancel on you last minute? For example, one time, my friends and I made plans to go to Knott’s Scary Farm, but one hour before the event, one of the hosts decided to cancel because she didn’t feel like going anymore. After she cancelled, other people started to make up excuses not to go. In the end, everybody bailed and the event failed. I got everything ready and cleared my schedule for that day, but too bad the event ended up not happening.  Why make plans if you don’t follow through? What’s the point?

It’s never cool to cancel the event and bail out last minute.


Procrastinating to Ask

Below is a screenshot of a text my friend sent me today. She was originally going to take me the Bell Game because she wanted us to go together, but she recently said she wasn’t allowed to go because her parents did not grant her permission. The problem is she asked them last minute, the night before the game. She never clarified whether or not her parents were going to be able to drive me there, and for weeks I’ve been telling her to ask her parents to go to the football game before it’s too late, but every time I asked, she just said, “They’ll probably let.” As a result of her not asking a couple days before the game, I now have to find someone else to take me.


Procrastinating on Work

Many people, including myself, stay up late to do homework. We say there’s not enough time and we blame teachers for assigning too much work, but this is just an excuse. The main reason why most of us stay up late is because we tend to procrastinate on work. Often I get distracted by the things around me such as technology. When I see my phone light up, I get an urge to look at the screen and check for messages. I tell myself that I’ll only use my phone of five minutes, but that easily turned into an hour. If there’s no motivation, people get lazy and put off their work to do later.

Don’t wait until the last minute to finish your work, unless you want Gucci bags under your eyes.





5 thoughts on “Last Minute Everything

  1. I love the way you set up the headings for your blog, it is short but concise and it really emphasizes the points you are trying to make. I can relate to everything you said and liked how you used screenshots from your conversations to help make your point. #YOUCAMETHRU


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