Creepy Feels

Halloween is coming up very soon and a lot of people are watching horror movies together. Recently, the forth season of American Horror Story: Freak Show came out. While waiting for a volleyball game to start, my friend asked me if I wanted to watch American Horror story with her. I took her up on the offer, but we only finished watching half of the first episode in season one. I wasn’t scared at the time because there were lots of people around and I wasn’t watching it alone. However, later on at night I kept having this feeling where someone or something was standing behind me. I knew no one/nothing was really there, but couldn’t help feeling creeped out. After watching a scary movie, I normally would become more sensitive to sounds and my surroundings.

When you feel like there’s someone/something behind you and you’re ready to wreck them/it:

A Somewhat Spine-tingling Experience:

In middle school, my friends and I use to make ouija boards using paper during our free time because we were too cheap to buy a real one. For those of you who don’t know what a ouija board is, it’s a board where two or more people would place a finger on the pointed piece or on a movable object and start asking questions. A spirit would take possession of one of the fingers and move the object to the letters or yes/no to answer the question. So a group of around five people, including me, circled up around the board and held hands to start the ritual. When we started asking questions like, “What’s your name?” or “How old are you?”, the pointer “moved by itself” to answer the questions. I think the spirit’s name was EJ or Earl. When asked, “Did you move it?” everyone would say they didn’t, but it could’ve been anyone intentionally moving it because they wanted to pull a prank. Nobody knows for sure if anyone did move it, but it was still really creepy. If you were to forget to say goodbye, you would still be in contact with the spirit afterwards. (We know the ghost leaves when the pointer moves to where it says goodbye, that way you know you’re safe.)

Our paper ouija board looked something like this:

The real board looks like this:

The ritual:

Extra pictures:


One thought on “Creepy Feels

  1. I really enjoyed your picture showing us what your Ouija board looked like. I especially enjoyed your gif of the girl with the creeped out/scared look! I have also just started watching American Horror Story. I can definitely relate when you say that your don’t feel scared when watching it around people, but are scared when you watch it alone. I really liked reading your post and I wouldn’t change anything about it.


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