Sleep Over Work ☺

Balance out sleep and work.

Sleeping less and studying more will not help in any way to raise that B to an A. It’s never a good idea to go to school drowsy because it restricts your ability to focus in class. Pretty much everyone learned at some point in their lives that getting all As in school will help get into a good college and get a good job. Being good at one subject or thing and sucking at the rest is fine because people don’t need to excel in all areas in order to be successful. Of course many people want to succeed in life, but doing whatever makes you happy is best. It’s ok to relax every once in a while and hang out with friends or do fun activities. It’s also perfectly fine to join clubs and get involved in school like going to football games. That doesn’t mean cast aside all school work, but it’s good to balance it out.

Sometimes we just want to lay in bed for an extra minute or two.

How does sleep affect your health/grades?

Many of my teachers told me that studying for five or more hours straight won’t help increase your knowledge about something, but on the other hand, actually harms your grade even more and decreases your ability to learn. Study shows that lack of sleep can lead to “decreased performance and alertness, memory and cognitive impairment, stress, poor quality of life, occupational injury, and also automobile injury” (Breus). A thirty minute nap each day can also help you focus more in class or while doing assignments.

You don’t want to show up to class looking like this:

*Here are two links to learning more about the effects/benefits on health due to sleep deprivation:

What can you do from now on to boost those grades?

Sleep! It’s a win win situation where you can only gain more from sleeping more. Sleeping more can increase your grades and it’s also something that everyone likes to do. I mean, who doesn’t love to sleep? That extra five to ten minutes in the morning can indeed help a lot. I would say sleep is the key to success, not staying up late for hours studying or finishing assignments.

I guarantee that sleeping more will be a big step on how to get a smile like this:


5 thoughts on “Sleep Over Work ☺

  1. I really liked this blog because I can relate 100% with lack of sleep and how it reaaaaally bothers you the next day at school. I take naps throughout the day whenever I can, and it does help a little. However, I know some people can just go without sleep and still breeze through school, it just depends on the person. Also, just a pointer, you can turn URL’s into hyperlinks which would improve the fluency of the blog. Overall though, very nice blog post on a relatable topic!


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